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Pinnacle Systems SC1000Pc
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Pinnacle Systems ShowCenter SC 1000
Record digital TV. Remote PVR functionality support includes new PCTV MediaCenter products, including DVB-T support.

Automatic playlists, including pre-defined playlists such as top rated and most played.

Broken link detection keeps your database and playlists up-to-date

Integrated audioCD ripping lets you add your entire audio collection in MP3 to your database.

Listen to music without turning on the television. Assign radio stations or playlists to individual buttons on the ShowCenter remote.
When used in conjunction with a PC equipped with a Pinnacle PCTV tuner card, ShowCenter enables users to benefit from PVR features such as Time Shifting, to pause live television, watch instant replays and skip through a recording in progress, as well as easily program their PC to record their favorite programs. Recordings are stored on the PC's hard drive and are accessible from the ShowCenter TV-based interface. Users can also archive recordings by burning them to CD or DVD in MPEG 2 format. The ShowCenter PVR features are compatible with the PCTV Sat, PCTV Stereo, PCTV, PCTV Pro, PCTV USB2 and PCTV MediaCenter (100e, 100i, 300i)

With ShowCenter, users can also listen to their favorite Internet radio stations. The ShowCenter supports Internet radio stations compatible with the ShoutCast standard.

Wide format support
ShowCenter supports a wide range of formats, including the latest MPEG4-AVI, Xvid formats. If a format is not supported natively, the ShowCenter software converts the file then streams it to the ShowCenter player.

Easy to install and use
ShowCenter intelligently searches your PC for all media content and organizes them by type. From there you can organize your files further by grouping them into custom playlists. Another great feature built into the software is that it never moves your original media files from their location on the hard drive, even when you're grouping, sorting, or reordering the media.

It's easy to find newly added content
ShowCenter lets you tag certain folders as "watched" Folders. When a new file appears in these folders they are automatically included in the new media category located on the top left hand corner of the TV interface.

Parental control
ShowCenter lets you restrict access to specified files with a four-digit pin code. When a file has been restricted, it does not show up on the list of available media files unless the user has entered the pin code.

Backup all of your media files
ShowCenter lets you burn your media files to CD and DVD. Burn your last "party" play list to CD and listen to it in your car! The software can even convert an audio CD to the MP3 format and vice versa. For movie files, the application copies content to VideoCD, Super Video CD, video DVD, data CD or data DVD-and can do so without menus. Image files can be output to data CD or data DVD.

Connect your entire home
ShowCenter lets you connect more than one ShowCenter box to a single PC "media server" allowing you to stream content to several rooms in your house simultaneously. It is also possible for ShowCenter to pull content from more than one PC on the home network. Network cables are included in the box.

Connect to practically any TV or home stereo
ShowCenter includes a vast array of audio and video inputs and outputs, that allow you to attach the device to just about every type of home entertainment system in the world. The outputs include, digital audio (coaxial, optical), component video, S-Video and composite video.

It's all in the box!
Extensive Audio/Video outputs for easy connection to your TV or stereo system.
Pinnacle ShowCenter also includes optical and coaxial S/PDIF audio outputs for best-quality digital connection to your home theatre system.
Component output gives you high-end video quality on your TV (YPrPb). S-video and composite output connectors are also included for wider compatibility reszta opisu w siec