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Volkswagen Passat 1,9 TDI AVF KOMBI 2001

ZABRZE Dodane o 02:10, 4 Października 2013, id ogłoszenia: 56335997


Kod kraju: DEU
Rok modelowy: 2002 Opis: Passat Wag. Trend 96 TDI6-s Region: 150
Typ handlowy: 3B6262 Data produkcji: 2001-09-20 Nr partnera: 79871
MKB: AVF Data wydania samochodu: 2001-12-28 Leasing:
GKB: FRK Nr homologacji typu:
Kolor wyposażenia Typ Kod barwny Nr lakieru (nr KD lakieru) Opis
z zewnątrz (nadwozie/dach) 7D/7D LB5N indigo-blue, pearlescent/indigo-blue, pearlescent
wewnątrz RW charcoal+black/black/black
Numery PR Nr identyfikacyjny Nr Pochodzenie Grupa Opis
1 0DE L AED installation differentiation for build status of vehicle class B5 (VW Passat)
2 0FA L FAD standard manufacturing sequence
3 0G1 L GES gearshift lever
4 0GE L AGM emissions concept EU 3
5 0JJ L GKV weight category front axle weight range 9
6 0K0 L ASY without alternative drive module
7 0KA L KAE without stickers and badges
8 0L2 L GAB electric throttle actuation
9 0LW L SIZ special plates/stickers/ safety certificates for Germany
10 0SB L SAU labels/plates in German
11 0TA L ZFM without floor mats
12 0VA L BTA without information kit
13 0Y1 L KLZ standard climatic zones
14 0YE L GKH weight category rear axle weight range 5
15 1AT L BRS electronic stabilization program (ESP)
16 1BA L DAE standard suspension/shock absorption
17 1C1 L FRO antifreeze up to -25 degree celsius tolerance up to -30 degree C
18 1D0 L AHV without towing attachment
19 1DG L SZU nameplate set "TDI" (pump-jet injection system)
20 1E0 L AKB without activated charcoal canister
21 1EX L TYP special identification plate for EC
22 1G2 L RER steel spare wheel with original equipment tires
23 1KD L BAH disc brakes, rear
24 1N1 L LEN power steering
25 1NC L RAA full wheel covers
26 1PA L ABR standard wheel bolts
27 1Q1 L TGL mass damper for steering wheel, 26.5Hz
28 1SA L TWU without additional engine guard
29 1T2 L VBK warning triangle
30 1V0 L ZRE without duty-free and cost-free tires
31 1VG L TWL installation parts for four-cylinder engine
32 1WD L GFW transmission shaft for tripod joints
33 1X0 L ATA front wheel drive
34 1YA L GFH without transmission shafts f. rear axle
35 1Z0 L KRM initial standard fuel filling
36 1ZC L BAV disc brakes, front (Geomet D)
37 2B1 L GRD additional exterior noise suppression
38 2G0 L EBB without insert for the filling up of fuel
39 2JB L STF standard bumpers
40 2PX L LRA leather trimmed sports steering wheel
41 2WA L ZBR without additional tires
42 3B4 L ZKV child seat anchor for child seat system ISOFIX
43 3C3 L SHM lap belt with retractor for the center rear seat
44 3CX L TRW net partition
45 3FA L DEI without roof insert (standard roof)
46 3GK L LBH without additional filler for plane trunk floor
47 3J7 L KOV articulated and height-adjustable headrests for front seats
48 3L3 L SIE manual height adjustment for front seats
49 3LC L TSV foamed film and fabric door and side panel trim
50 3MQ L BOB Ibolours floor covering
51 3NW L HIS rear seat bench/backrest, split folding with center armrest
52 3Q1 L KOH rear headrests
53 3QT L RSV 3-point seat belts with tensioner and height adjustment, front
54 3S2 L DAR black roof rails
55 3X0 L DLS without load-through provision
56 3Y0 L SSR without roll-up sun screen
57 4A0 L SIH without seat heater
58 4B1 L SSL protective side molding
59 4GH L WSS windshield tinted with windshield sunshield
60 4K3 L TKV radio remote controlled central locking operated from inside and safe securing
61 4KC L SSH side and rear windows tinted
62 4L2 L IRS dipping breakaway inside rear view mirror
63 4LA L BED without controls
64 4M6 E BEH cup holder
65 4P1 L PBH rear floor panel module, type 2
66 4Q0 L SES no flame retardent materials
67 4R3 L FEH power windows with comfort operation
68 4SD L MSL left vanity mirror illuminated
69 4TD L MSR right vanity mirror illuminated
70 4U5 L GNF luggage pockets on backrest
71 4UE L AIB airbag f. driver a. front seat passenger
72 4W0 L KBO without cassette and CD storage unit
73 4X1 L SAB side airbag front
74 4Z2 L HAK lockable glove compartment door
75 4ZB L ZIE bright moldings
76 5C0 L KSA without special body measures
77 5D1 L TRF carrier frequency 433.92 MHz
78 5K1 L LAC paint preservative (wax)
79 5MD L EIH decorative aluminum inserts
80 5RQ L ASR outer right rear view mirror: convex
81 5SL L ASL outer left rear view mirror: non-spherical
82 6A0 L FEU without fire extinguisher
83 6E3 L MAS center armrest front
84 6EP L ZKS additional body covers, stone guard
85 6PC L HBV leatherette hand brake lever handle
86 6Q2 L SAG leather gearshift knob/handle
87 6R2 L SHV leather gearshift boot
88 6SL L KBB tufted trunk floor covering (cut pile)
89 6U0 L ZTD without additional seals outside
90 6W1 L KZV license plate bracket front (large)
91 6XN L ASE outer rear view mirrors: powered, separately heated
92 6Y0 L GWA without cruise control warning system
93 7A3 E CDW CD player
94 7AB P EDW electronic alarm system with vehicle immobilization device (for RoW)
95 7B3 P STD 12-volt socket(s)
96 7E6 L WSA electric auxiliary air heater
97 7K0 L RDK without tire pressure warning light
98 7N0 L ALS without tray on roof liner
99 7P4 L LOR manually adjustable lumbar support in front seats
100 7Q0 L NAV without navigation device
101 7QA L CDR without CD ROM
102 7X0 L EPH without park distance control
103 8AD P RAO radio "gamma"
104 8BG L HSW twin headlamp for driving on the right with integrated high-beam headlight
105 8E2 L ENT local interference suppression for FM/AMradio reception
106 8F2 L SLE side turn signal lights
107 8GL L GEN alternator 120A
108 8K0 L FLS without special low beam mode
109 8KA L KUE w/o catalytic converter warning light
110 8L3 L ANT roof antenna
111 8N4 L SWS windshield wiper intermittent control with potentiometer (four speeds)
112 8NA L STK without parking light warning light
113 8Q1 L LWR headlight-range adjustment
114 8R1 L HBL center high-mounted stop light
115 8RM P LSE eight loudspeakers (passive)
116 8S4 L LEL two reading lights front, two rear
117 8SA L SBR taillight assemblies, standard design
118 8T0 L GRA without cruise control system (CCS)
119 8TC L NEL rear fog light for driving on the right
120 8WA L NES without front fog light
121 8X0 L SWR without headlight washer system
122 8Z5 L MKU engine cooling system, type 1
123 9A0 L TAA without taxi alarm system
124 9AK P HKA "Climatronic" with impact pressure control free of cfc
125 9D0 L VEF without preparation for two-way radio installation
126 9F0 L VRT without sound combination for rotating emergency light and radio antenna preparation
127 9FA L AKA without automatic transmission indicator light
128 9HA L FFA without additional malfunction display
129 9J0 L STA without supertone system and tone sequence control
130 9JB L RAU smoking version, ashtray front and rear
131 9M0 L ZUH without auxiliary/parking heater
132 9P0 L SGK without seat belt warning light
133 9Q1 P MFA multi-function indicator/trip computer
134 9T0 L BWD without heated washer nozzles
135 9W0 L VTV w/o car phone preparation/installation
136 9Y1 P ATE outdoor temperature gage
137 A8S I AUS standard equipment
138 B01 L TPL type approval Germany
139 B0A L BLB component parts set without country-specific design requirement
140 C04 E COC operating permit, alteration 4
141 C5E L RAD steel wheels 6J x 15 offset 37
142 D3E L MOT 4-cyl. turbo diesel engine 1.9 L/96 kW TDI with pump-jet injection system, EU 3base engine is T9J
143 E0A L AAU no special edition
144 F0A L FZS no special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
145 FB3 E LAK surface, interior trim, soft-touch paint
146 G0K I GSP 6-speed manual transmission
147 H6S L REI tires 195/65 R 15 V
148 J0R L BAT battery 380 A (80 Ah)
149 K8D I KAR Station Wagon Variant/Avant
150 L0L L LEA left-hand drive vehicle
151 N0N L SIB woven fabric seat covering
152 PH5 G air conditioning system "Climatronic" with electronic control instead of standard air conditioning system
153 Q4H L VOS comfort sports seats, front
154 QA0 L KIS without child seat
155 QG1 L WIV service interval prolongation
156 QJ0 L CHR without aluminum/chrome work package
157 QV0 L TVE w/o TV reception/digital radio reception
158 RCA G radio "gamma"
159 SQ5 E SNR SKD control for Bosnia-Herzegovina
160 T9J I GMO 4-cylinder diesel engine 1.9 L unit 038.K
161 U0C L INS instrument insert with tachometer clock and km/h speedometer
162 V0A L REL tires w/o specification of tire brand
163 VC0 L GRT w/o remote-controlled garage door opener
164 VX0 L SPA without hands-free system
165 WE1 G technical equipment package including anti-theft alarm system
166 X0A G national sales program Germany

Rok produkcji: 2001, 179000 km, Moc: 130 KM, Pojemność skokowa: 1896